Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One week down

Hey Everybody!
The MTC is AMAZING! I am loving it! Every minute is scheduled but we try to have fun. I have never prayed so much or so hard in my life! (and I still feel like its not enough!) I finished the Book of Mormon again the other day. ( I started it again in Nov.) Just in case yall were wondering... Its true! lol.
 My companion Sister Housley is awesome! shes from Kansas but has been going to byu for a while so we had lots of stuff to talk about. She also loves to rock climb. :P Shes super sweet and puts up with all my quirkiness. Shes 20 and the oldest in her family. She and I have been assigned as STL's too! (Sister Trainer Leaders. its like zone leaders but over the sisters or the coordinating sisters for the RM's out there.) Were supper excited! we have a nex district coming in on wed. Its half Elders and half sisters just like my district. they are going to Canada and Carlsbad cali.
I have seen tons of people I know here! I say Bronte ( my roommate from the fall), Lexi!! and Jacob, Erin Handly, and Emily Mckay. Oh speaking of bronte cool story! So saw her at one of the devotionals. I got talking with her companion and she is from roseville! She gave me the address of her in active dad and non-member brother in law. So I'm not even in the mission field and I already have my first missionary contacts! I cant wait to find them. She super excited too. She gave me her email so I can send her updates when I find them. :D
The food here is awesome. The fruit juices are awesome... but the can sometimes do things to you. lol. But its awesome there are so many choices! I've been sleeping really well. I had a few struggles falling asleep the first night but now I fall asleep almost immediately and I have had no problems waking up on time. The other day I even woke up before the alarm. Although I will be really excited when we get out to the field cuz right now we have breakfast AT 6:30 so we have to get up early to get ready. So when I get to the field I actually get to sleep in. lol.
We have some investigators right now. (practice) Marcus and Gabby. Marcus is doing great! Hes reading and praying and we committed him to baptism.  (Marcus is played by our teacher Bro Blatter (pronounced Blotter lol) He served in Birmingham England. Gabby we've only had one lesson. Shes and her husband have been married for a year and half. Shes Catholic and hes a life long Mormon. So there compromise was to go to both churches everyweek. So she goes to church for 5 hrs a week, but isn't baptized. She wants to find one religion for the both of them so here kids have one religion. But she has some issues with the BOM were working on.
Time just flys here. My comp says it best, its like were in a different dimension. during class and all through the day it just seems to drag. but then you look back and times flown. We've only been here 6 days and we leave next Tues morning (14th)! AWWW!!
My district is way awesome! The elders are a crazy bunch of kids. lol. speaking of which. I've already adjusted to calling everyone sister and elder. Its kinda weird how fast it changed. So much so that I call my teachers Elder. lol. Except people that I knew before the mission. it takes a min to think of there name. lol. Oh haha and EVERYONE says just make it to Sunday and you'll be good. and how they rolled there eyes and was like yeah right. But its TRUE! By Sunday you adjust to the schedule and the food and by then it starts to get fun. Mon or sooner (if your doing English) you get your first practice investigator. and you just hit the ground running. So to all of you coming in here soon. I promise you if you make it to Sunday life gets easier. I didn't believe everyone else either. But take it from a non believer. lol
OK well I should wrap up so I can send some pics. I love you all so much! I'm SOOOO happy to be here. I can't wait to get to the field next week. This gospel is true! I love it! and if you stick on the path of safety that saviors example has set we can all make it back to him with our family's.
Sister Weber

Monday, April 29, 2013

Almost there...

Hey Y'all!

So this will be my last post. I got set apart Sunday, and I report to the MTC Wednesday. My Mom will be taking over my Facebook and the Blog. See Y'all in 18 months!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

That One Talk...

I have been given a date for me to talk in Sacrament. It will be April 28th, 2013. I'd love to see everyone there to support me and share in the spirit of missionary work :D